Golden Bee Consultancy has an efficient, visioner and effective structure performing activities in mainly Energy, Telecommunication, Transportation, Real Estate, Construction, Mining, Health, Food, Education and Foreign Trade projects in national and international fields.

Golden Bee Consultancy deals with only “first class & first quality projects” in the said sectors. The main activity areas of Golden Bee Consultancy is to prepare investment feasibility files, to do due diligence studies , to prepare business plan, to make loan finding works, to make mergers & acquisitions of companies and to seek partners, investors and markets to pioneer projects & corporate companies.

Golden Bee Consultancy considers and to produce pioneer projects and services which are available to market and customer dynamics and competition based in its activity fields, to increase revenue opportunities and profits, to determine mission and vision which enrich customer value, to create value process, to develop and apply growing strategies, to spread into wide areas with its enterpreneurship in domestic and foreign markets and it is determined for all of these. In this context, our belief to achieve our targets are exact together with our shareholders and we look hopefully for the future.